Alana Phillips

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Alana Phillips is an Evansville native with 19 years of experience as a Free-Style Pole Dancer.

Her abilities and past experiences led to her transformation as a Pole Fitness Instructor, a Performer with the “Drop Dead Darlings”, and a Nationally Recognized Pole Competitor.

Grateful to share her gifts and skills with her community, she hopes to encourage others to exceed their expectations through self-expression, movement, and strength.

**PSO Gateway 2019: 3rd Place Winner, Championship Level 3



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Natalie got her start in fitness while completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics in 2015. Her nutrition background helped her win several overall titles as a Women’s Physique competitor in bodybuilding. She has since found a new passion in strength sports and now competes as a professional powerlifter.

 Natalie found her way into the studio in 2019 as a way of stepping out of her comfort zone, and building on her preexisting strengths. Since starting, she has developed a passion for all forms pole fitness and the strength it builds both physically and mentally. Now, she looks forward to the opportunity to share it with everyone!




Kerby graduated from USI in 2012 with a BS in Nutrition and Human Wellness with a minor in Fitness Instruction. In 2013 she started to body build competitively. In 2017 she competed in The Arnold Classic and earned corporate sponsorship. She also works as a food scientist.

Kerby has a dance team background, and first came to Anti-Gravity in 2016 when she booked her own pole dance Party for her birthday! She started teaching specialty classes in 2017, and continues to teach Twerk in addition to other exciting classes. She loves the Exotic side of Pole Fitness, and her firecracker personality brings a fantastic energy to any class she teaches.





Liz got her start in dance in 2014 as a performer with The Drop Dead Darlings, an Evansville-based Burlesque and Variety Troupe, and currently holds a position on their board. In 2015 she joined Flame in the Valley Fire Troupe as a performer and instructor, and recently joined the Lucky Lady Variety Show cast as of August, 2020.

 In addition to her performance experience, Liz graduated from Ivy Tech in 2018 with a AS is Visual Communications. She started attending classes at Anti-Gravity in 2017, and taught her first fan class with us in 2019. She has since taught silk fan dance at Frolicon in Atlanta in 2019 and 2020. Liz loves introducing her students to new forms of expression through the use of props in dance.






Carrie Rodgers

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    Carrie is originally from Spring, TX and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and Master’s Degree in TESOL, both from Ball State University. Appropriately, her passions are movement and language. Carrie began her dance career on her high school drill team, the Klein Oak Strutters, and has since progressed to be both a featured performer and choreographer at the collegiate and professional level.
     In 2014 Carrie branched out from the more traditional forms of dance studied throughout her undergraduate and began exploring the world of Pole Dance/Fitness. Carrie came to Anti-Gravity before its 2nd Anniversary and quickly became the Heartbeat of the Studio in a matter of months. She hopes to enlighten the general public about Pole and encourages viewing and approaching pole work artistically and athletically.

**PSO Gateway 2019: 1st Place Winner, Entertainment Level 3

**PSO Gateway 2018: 2nd Place Winner , Dramatic Level 3

Anti-Gravity's: Second Lead, Pole Training Manager, Lead Pole Instructor and Pole & Dance Choreographer @CarenzaNicoleChoreography



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