Bob Tenbarge

tenbarge for real

Bob Tenbarge is a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. His Yoga journey began after unsuccessful back surgery. Still suffering back pain his friends and family encouraged him to give yoga a try. After the first class he felt the benefits of yoga and was hooked. He was student of yoga for several years before he decided to become a teacher. He wanted to share his story and help others with their physical and mental conditions and improve their quality of life without prescription drugs that mask many problems and lead to addiction.

In 2014 he completed his first 200 hour training in Hatha yoga. This just fueled his desire to learn more. Since then he has obtained another 200 hour certification on Transforming Health with Yoga, an 80 hour certificate in Yin yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Prison Yoga Project training with the founder James Fox and workshops with Sarah Powers and Tias Little. With over 600 hours of training and always studying to learn more, let Bob share his love and knowledge of yoga with you.